Monday, 26 October 2015

World Acupuncture Day @ The Board of Medical Acupuncture Council - Andhra Pradesh

The Board of Medical Acupuncture Council celebrates the world Acupuncture day on 24th Oct - 2015 @ Nadipathy center Kakinada – Andhra Pradesh. On this occasion Dr. P. Krishnam Raju the chairman of Acupuncture Council  Andhra Pradesh  and his team actively participated to treated to many of the people by conducting free health camp.

The chief guests Kakinada rural M.L.A - Smt. P. Anantha Lakshmi garu and Sri. P. Satya Narayana garu are visited to this Acupuncture health camp. Dr. P. Krishnam Raju  said that Acupuncture is an Ancient Indian Medicine to treat many health ailments by without using any medicines and surgical interruptions. In this health camp Andhra Pradesh Acupunture council secretary K.Jogi Raju and above 100 members of acupuncture council are actively participated and the students of acupuncture are awarded certificates from the Board of Medical Acupuncture Council.




  1. I am amazed to see that almost every country on earth celebrates acupuncture day as Physiotherapy North Ryde does because the real purpose of celebrating that day is to provide the best possible relief to the patient so that we can have a healthy society to live in.